Friday, February 19, 2016

Cover Reveal for Kisses on a Paper Airplane

Today we're celebrating the cover reveal for Sarah Vance-Tompkins, a fellow Inkspell Author and all-around cool person. Isn't it gorgeous??

Drama student Hannah Evans isn't kissing any frogs on her path to find Prince Charming. She's determined to share the perfect first kiss -- with the perfect boy -- in the perfect place -- or she's not kissing at all. When Hannah meets a cute ginger-haired boy in first class lounge in the London airport, she knows he's 'The One.'

Pop star Theo Callahan is on the road to get as far away as possible from his back-stabbing best friend, and his supermodel girlfriend who broke his heart. Until one shy smile from Hannah has him rethinking all of his travel plans.

Theo is smitten, but he's worried she's just a groupie in search of the ultimate selfie. Can Theo learn to trust Hannah in time to share one perfect first kiss, or will Hannah be forced to kiss a frog?

An excerpt from Kisses on a Paper Airplane:

Let’s get real. I had never even kissed a boy. Should I really start with a pop star? I needed to get at least a little practice in first. Julia was right. I needed to kiss my way through a whole bunch of frogs before I attempted to kiss someone as close to perfect as Theo Callahan.

I took a deep breath and ducked out of sight behind a pillar, my fears too overwhelming to face talking to him again.

What if Theo Callahan was my first kiss? Then what would happen?

I closed my eyes and imagined Theo Callahan brushing his lips over mine. Just the thought of it made me jittery, as if I’d downed a triple shot of espresso. My eyes opened wide. My pulse was racing. My heart was in my throat.

There was no way I could kiss Theo Callahan. Not for reals. Not if I had to talk to him, too. Yes, T would be the perfect boy to share my first kiss, but if I had to carry on a coherent conversation with Theo Callahan before, during, and after, it just wasn’t going to happen. Especially when I was going to have to deal with all of “the feels” I was sure kissing would bring. I had enough on my plate dealing with school, my mom’s wedding, and another plane flight after my layover.

I’d seen enough movies to know what a great kiss looked like, but having never been kissed, I had no idea what it would feel like—not just to touch someone’s lips with mine, but I was even more curious about “the feels” Julia mentioned she always had when she kissed a cute boy she’d been crushing on.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t talk to Theo Callahan, let alone kiss him.

About the Author:
Sarah Vance-Tompkins was born in a small town in northern Michigan. She received an MFA in Film Production from the University of Southern California, and went on to work in feature film development. Prior to film school, she wrote and produced radio and television commercials. A working writer, she has been paid to write everything from obituaries and press releases to breathless descriptions of engagement rings. She and her husband, The Handsomest Man Alive™, live in Southern California with three cats.

Links to pre-order Sarah's book:

Congratulations, Sarah!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Cover Reveal for Bridie Hall

Today is the cover reveal day for my fellow Inkspell author, Bridie Hall. Isn't it gorgeous? And since my boys are off on a ski trip today, it's quite appropriate! 

Here is a bit about the book:

Snowboarding means everything to Charlise, but she hasn’t met Sam Miller yet.

Charlise is a snowboarder with a promising career ahead of her. Despite the fact that her father hates her risking her life on the slopes that had taken the life of Charlise’s mother she is determined not to give up her career the way her mother did when she fell pregnant. Charlise wants to win medals, lots of them.

The last distraction Charlise needs is the American freestyle champion, Sam Miller, who utterly enthrals her with his wit and friendliness. Refusing to risk her career for a relationship, Charlise returns home for Christmas, determined to sort things out with her father. But the holidays culminate in an epic fight, and with a repeat of the painful breakup with Sam. However, new discoveries from her family’s past might change Charlise’s mind about Sam …

And here is an excerpt - just to tempt you a bit further:

“Can you drive stick?” Once the rain let up in the afternoon, Sam needed to go into town. It was his turn to buy groceries.

“Sure.” Charlise grabbed at the chance to get out of the house because so much testosterone was doing her head in. “Why?”

Sam let out a breath. “You’re driving, then. I don’t get these European cars. Why can’t they be automatic?”

She chuckled, thrilled to be better at this than one of the boys.

Sam and Todd were from the US, while Thor was German. Most of the film crew was American, hired by their American sponsor. She was the only French on the team.

“Aren’t men supposed to be tech savvy?” she teased him as she started the car and turned up the heater. The temperatures had dropped to around zero, and snow had been forecast for the evening.

“Not being able to drive stick is not a gender thing, it’s cultural,” he said indignantly.
She snickered. “Freud would have a field day with you mentioning stick and gender in the same sentence.”

“Har fucking har,” Sam said, but, despite his grumpy tone, a smile curved his lips.

“It’s a good thing, anyway,” she said smugly. “You not being able to drive around at least means you can’t kick me out because you need me.”

“I’m sure there are others on the team who can drive stick,” he said, challenging her.

She glanced at him with a grin. “I’m sure.” After a pause, she added, “But none of the boys are as cute as me.”
He chuckled, but it annoyed her that he didn’t agree. He always liked to flirt with all the girls at snowboarding competitions, but he never flirted with her. She didn’t feel comfortable being singled out this way. She liked it when boys flirted with her. It made her feel powerful, and it was a big letdown Sam wouldn’t grant her the power.

And last, but not least, the links to preorder her book:

Congratulations to Bridie on your beautiful new book!