Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Little Things Blog Hop

Hello, lovelies!

Welcome to the 6th stop on the Little Things Blog Hop. Make sure you visit each stop and enter the posted giveaway. Also, don't forget to enter the grand prize on Rafflecopter - a $50 amazon gift card grand prize and tons of other prizes, too. The info for this is posted below.
My good friend Colleen Meyers put this together as a way to celebrate the little things in life. We all have big things that matter, like family and friends, but what are the little things? For me it's pretty easy, but I'll only name the top three. 

1. I love a warm cup of coffee on a cool, rainy morning, especially if I have a soft chair to curl up on and books to read.

2. Cozy socks and a snoozing puppy on my feet. This is Capone the Wonder Dog. He has his own FB page (don't judge me), and he's kind of famous. Capone's Facebook page

3. Enjoying a glass of red wine on a Friday night, and watching a movie with the people I care about most.

What little things are important to you? If the answer is books, then you're in luck - the giveaway for this stop is an autographed or ebook copy of one of my three books. 

Tiger Lily:

Lily Madison thought dying because of a bad manicure was the worst thing that could happen. She was wrong. 

Waking up in the hospital and realizing she’s being stalked by an entire herd of naughty little ghosts turns her entire world upside down. She begins to doubt her own sanity until she realizes she isn’t alone. A Goth girl, named Zoe, can see the ghosts, too. 

Most of the ghosts look like fuzzy blobs, but one is not blobby at all. He’s a very hot, very annoying dead guy named Nick. Although they dislike each other on sight, Nick soon realizes Lily is his only hope. With the help of Zoe and Mr. Wan, the manicurist who almost killed her, she has only days to get Nick and the other ghosts back where they belong or the whole world will be in terrible danger. 

But sending the ghosts back means saying goodbye to Nick forever, and Lily isn’t sure she’ll ever be able to let him go. 

"First Wende Dikec grabs you with her fresh writing, then she keeps you in the throes of her story with an incredible voice and a gifted talent for spinning tales that will amaze and delight. I am stunned. Tiger Lily will consume you, and before you know it you are fighting for air yet begging for more. You've been warned!" 
--NY Times Bestselling Author Darynda Jones 

Starr Valentine:

What happens when the beautiful swan becomes the ugly duckling? 

Starr Valentine has a perfect life in Middleton, Ohio. She was named captain of the cheer squad, her mother finally allowed her to get highlights, and the cutest boy in school asked her to homecoming. But everything comes crashing down when she finds out her parents are actually monarchs in exile from a mysterious planet called Vega. Starr doesn’t want to leave, but loves the idea of being a princess, and decides moving to an alien world might not be so bad. When she gets there, however, she discovers that something is terribly wrong. 

Starr has always been the winner of the family, but now everyone is fawning over her chubby older sister, Astra. And everyone, even a handsome and annoying young duke named Julian, seems to hate her. That is when she realizes the awful truth. Astra is now the pretty one. Astra has all the friends. Astra gets all of the attention. And Starr Valentine, voted Miss Perfect, is now the ugly duckling. Her biggest fear is…will she be able to turn back into a swan, or is she doomed to be a loser forever? 


Former Junior Miss Kentucky Emerson Shaw won pageants using martial arts as her talent and Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” as her guide, but a painful secret leads her to the University of York, and puts her in the path of tattooed and pierced bad boy, Michael Nightingale. 

Michael is a Traveller, part of an ancient line of mercenary gypsies who protect the world from vicious monsters called the Moktar. When Emerson gets attacked, she has no choice but accept Michael’s offer of protection or face certain death. 

Traveller society, full of outdated rules and ridiculous superstitions, isn’t a good fit for the headstrong Emerson. Traveller women aren’t allowed to fight. Traveller women aren’t allowed to win. Traveller women aren’t allowed to leave. But Emerson will do what she must, even if it means losing the one person who matters most.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Cover Reveal: The Warrior Prophet by Lisa Voisin

I'm very excited to reveal the cover for THE WARRIOR PROPHET, the third book in Lisa Voisin's The Watcher Saga, and to share an excerpt from the book.

Mia Crawford is a prophet.
She can see angels. She also sees demons. Everywhere.
She knows the angels are preparing for war to get her fallen angel boyfriend, Michael, back.
A war that could take years.
Haunted by visions of Michael’s soul being tortured, Mia can’t rest until she knows he’s safe.
To save him, she must make an impossible journey through Hell. Her only guide is the one person she prayed she’d never see again.


While the angels battled outside, a ghoulish female demon pounded a crack in the protective structure around Michael’s hospital room with her fist. Her long, stringy black hair whipped over her face with each blow. She struck and struck until she hit the perfect angle. The structure cracked.

Her eyes glowed red and her skin was the color of black polished granite, wet with black slime. With a tearing sound, like ripping silk, the crevice grew. Her form as ragged and filmy as liquid smoke, she slipped into the crevice and poured herself through. I struggled to make a sigil of my own and managed to make the first cone. By the second, she was in my face. Her cold, dead stare mesmerized me and her shrieking pierced my eardrums. But when she reached a bony arm for Michael, I reconnected to the network and ignited the room, throwing her beyond my reach.

She picked herself up and circled the outer edges of my halo, inching closer to test it. I dropped Michael’s chart on the bedside table and flared my energy out further. My halo wasn’t as big or bright as when Michael and I had been connected, but I could hold her off. I had to.

Available April 13, 2016
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