Monday, March 25, 2013

Snowstorms and Suspense

Last night we had a big spring snowstorm, something unusual but not unheard of in Western Pennsylvania.  Before the storm even started, we heard about it for days.  We watched the news trying to figure out exactly when it would hit.  We gassed up the snow blower and made sure we had salt.  And we waited, taking little glances out the window all evening, for the storm to hit.

I love the day before a big storm.  It is all about the anticipation, knowing that it is going to come and waiting for it to happen.  I like freak storms, too, those unexpected mornings when you wake up to a winter wonderland, but I enjoy the anticipation more.

Remember that feeling of waiting and watching as you write your novel.  Remember the excitement mixed with just a bit of fear.  Keep your reader interested the way a weather man keeps our eyes glued on the evening news.  Make them care about what is about to happen.  Make them feel they have a vested interest in your plot.  Build the suspense slowly and get your reader to the point where they cannot put your book down.  They know something is going to happen, and must read on to get to the conclusion, to finally see the snow start to fall.


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