Sunday, November 1, 2015

Best of the Burghosphere

Most Wanted Fine Art teamed up with Pittsburgh Bloggers to create something new and exciting. The Best of the Burghosphere ( ) is a way to honor and acknowledge the contributions of bloggers in Pittsburgh.

I signed up to participate, even though I’m sort of a slacker blogger. I do most of my blogging on my Facebook page ( ), and so my actual blog has been severely neglected. Abused. Abandoned.

I was assigned a blog ( to read and explore. I also had to choose an award/category for this blog. I chose “Most Thorough, Informative, and Professional Coverage of Events in the LGBT Community and Beyond.”

From the moment I opened Mr. Waters blog, I was impressed with the amount of work that had been put into it. It is so incredibly professional, thoughtful, thorough, and educational. I loved reading so many of the articles. As a writer of romantic fiction, I found several of his blogs to be very helpful with correctly addressing LGBT issues and writing about a trans character appropriately and accurately.

This isn’t just a blog for people who are part of the LGBT community. This is a good read for anyone.

Reading Mr. Waters’ blog inspired me to put more time and effort into my own blog. It also made me curious about what other bloggers are lurking around the Pittsburgh area. Thank you to Most Wanted Fine Arts and Pittsburgh Bloggers for creating this event!

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